How are the majority of Hindus being the victims of the attack?

A Blog - The biggest reason for this I think is the conversion of Hindus in India.

How are the majority of Hindus being the victims of the attack?
Image source - OPIndia

Let us understand with an assumed example  -

Out of 50 people in the cities, 10 became Christians, 10 Buddhists, 10 Muslims whose names are still like Hindus but -

  • These people always speak against Hindus.
  • These people write articles against Hindus on international TV channels and news websites.
  • Out of these, lawyers fight the case of criminals.
  • When criminals are punished, these people reach out to stop & support them.
  • And they make fun of the constitution by stopping the proceedings according to the constitution themselves.
  • These people remain Hindus in form and paper for reservation but their views have changed.

Because their names are Hindus, the people of the village do not recognize them. The remaining 10 Hindu people out of the 50 are also confused as to whom to support and who should not.

Now the remaining 10 people believe in God so much that they feel that one day God will incarnate to end these atrocities. But who will teach today's Arjuna his duty, self-defense, and defense of the country? Maybe they themselves have forgotten their duty or soon God is going to come in some form or the other.

Perhaps this is the reason why Hindus are safe in India now or not, you can understand from the recent attacks on them. Because in their midst now the masked person has started living.

If there is any peace-loving place for Hindus on this earth, then definitely tell through a comment. We have to sell our house and flee.

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