Is Religious Ranaticism the Secularism?

How religious fanaticism is proved to be secular, for this you have to know about a true incident and understand how the constitution can also be bent to perpetuate bigotry.

This is the true story of Shah Bano - Shah Bano was a 62-year-old Muslim woman and mother of five children who were granted triple talaq by her husband in 1978. Because according to Muslim family law, the husband can do this against the will of the wife.

With no means of livelihood for herself and her children, Shah Bano approached the court to collect alimony from her husband. Seven years had elapsed since the case reached the Supreme Court. The court took the decision under Section 125 of the Criminal Code which is applicable to everyone irrespective of religion, caste, or sect. The court directed that her husband should give money to Shah Bano to maintain his life.

The intervention of the Indian Constitution on the Muslim family went unnoticed by the orthodox Muslims of India. Due to this he considered himself insecure and created an atmosphere of fear.

He strongly opposed it. These people formed an organization called All India Personal Law Board and threatened to cause agitation in all major cities of India.

Is Religious Ranaticism the Secularism?

In 1986, the party, which had an absolute majority in Parliament, passed a law that overturned a Supreme Court (Constitution) decision in the Shah Bano case.

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