Malpura of Rajasthan is a victim of riots - Hindu Exodus

Rajasthan's Malpura has been a victim of riots for 50 years, 800 Hindu families fled, This is not me but a report Bhaskar is saying. Dainik Bhaskar Group found out about this news i.e. truth and published about it.

According to Bhaskar's news, when his spokesperson went to that village and went to that particular locality, his cameras have been turned off. Think about what kind of people would be living there.

Then, you cannot even imagine what would have happened to the Hindus in Kashmir.

The meaning of keeping this news in the reference is only that it is not the news but the mirror of the society, this mirror is dirty because all the people did not fulfill both their obligation and duty towards them.

Blackboard: Story of a Rajasthan town that has been rioted for 50 years, 800 Hindu families fled, took away God Murties from temples

Courtesy - Bhaskar

You can read this news here -

Malpura of Rajasthan is a victim of riots - Hindu Exodus

Some other news proves its veracity but everyone has kept their eyes closed. If the government takes some action against the criminals, then people supporting them start writing posts in the media of the USA, UAE, and UK. Persecuted Hindus are called Mob. They are said to be suffering from Muslimphobia. Then who will be called Hinduphobia? And why do only Hindus migrate? Can you leave your living earnings, house, etc.?

Reference -

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Khaskhabar - (24-Aug-2018) - मालपुरा दंगा : कर्फ्यू के दौरान दस दुकानों में आगजनी 

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Between whom was the battle of Malpura (1800) fought?

The battle of Malpura was fought between Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur and Daulat Rao Scindia of Gwalior.

 What was the reason for the battle of Malpura?

The Battle of Malpura took place in March 1800 due to the crisis arising between Jaipur and Scindia.

When did the battle of Malpura take place?

The battle of Malpura took place on 16 April 1800 AD.

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