You may bulldoze my home, not my Spirit

This sentence has not been said by me, Kapil Sibal Ji, the justice-loving of this country and the lawyer who gives justice to all. He always supports the truth. So I have quoted his tweet here below.

He has made this tweet in support of those people who are doing their business by encircling government property like roads, streets, parks, etc.

It is being said that some of these people were also involved in the Jahangirpuri violence, they attacked Hindus who were in religious festivals, which the police are identifying on the basis of mobile and CCTV videos. they also targeted policemens who leave home to do duty, those who leave families.

Although there is still time to act on them, by then the other team reached MCD to remove the encroachment, so Mr. Sibbal tweeted in support of the encroachment and those who threw bottles.

All parties are calling these peoples poor, so I put a photo of a poor person here.

photo of a poor person

The rest is your wish, whether you consider this tweet a good or bad step, tell it in the comment.

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